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Top 10 Shampoos for Those with Celiac Disease

ColorProof ClearItUp Detox Shampoo

The Detox Shampoo by ColorProof is, as its name implies, a transition product which can help hair recover its strength after months or years of inadvertent exposure to gluten shampoos. This product is great for getting rid of all the remnants of gluten, effectively “detoxing” your hair and scalp, and setting the stage for further treatments. Despite its cleansing properties, this is a very soft shampoo which doesn’t cause in harsh reactions at all, which makes it perfect for those with sensitive scalps and brittle hair. Furthermore, this shampoo is also great for removing the remnants of other hair products such as thick, sticky conditioners and shampoos which can cling to the hair even through several washes and dull its color and shine.

The Detox Shampoo is perfectly safe for use on color-treated hair, and it’s wide plethora of ingredients — including vitamins E and X, soy protein, and sage & rosemary extracts — will help to nourish, strengthen and even fortify the natural color of the user’s hair.