Beauty and Anti Aging

6 Essential Beauty Tips

6 Essential Beauty Tips

Lisa Ginn, MD, a cosmetic dermatologist in Chevy Chase, has a few tips to follow to achieve beauty.

Wash your face

Never go to bed without cleaning the face is the first rule to be followed for glowing skin. Morning make up can stretch the pores in the skin and give an aging look to the skin. Using an oil-based makeup remover will help to remove tough make up, including the waterproof mascara. Remove the makeup gently using a cotton pad and follow it up with a gentle face cleanser.

Boost collagen content

Production of collagen decreases with age and this causes the formation of wrinkles. Thus collagen is the key to have a glowing and healthy skin. “By improving the production of collagen, fine lines on the face can be flattened and the appearance of pores can be reduced," says Ginn. Applying a prescription or over-the-counter retinoid will help in improving the production of collagen. Retinoids also help to lighten the brown spots.

Apply eye-cream

Applying eye-cream every night helps to give a refreshed look to the eyes. Under eye circles and hollowing appears with age as the skin becomes thinner. Applying eye cream or serum with vitamins A, C, E, or K, will help to repair the skin and lighten the dark circles. Remember to use a light eye cream on the top, if one is using a serum.

Switch the sides while sleeping

If one half of the face has more lines, it is obvious that the person is sleeping on that side regularly, says Ginn. One can prevent this by starting out on the side which is not usually used. Even if the person flips over to the other side, the time spent with one side on the pillow will be still less. Sleeping on the back is another method to control the fine lines.

Be happy

Good looks come with feeling good. Be happy and the inner happiness will definitely be reflected on the skin. So spend a few minutes doing things that make you feel happy – be it calling a friend, watching a humorous clip, going for a walk or even enjoying your favorite dish.

Hand and foot tips

Along with your face, hands and feet also need care in the night. To take care of the feet, rub your toes and heels with a lotion containing 12% lactic acid to slough off the dry skin. Top this up with a heavier lotion like the one containing shea butter or glycerine. For your hands, use shea butter to keep it soft and supple.