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Can Men Get a Breast Augmentation?

Can Men Get a Breast Augmentation?

The most common cosmetic surgery in the world today is breast augmentation, according to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure where the size and shape of one's breasts is improved using surgical implants.

Society and Breast Augmentation

Today, both women and men seek services and desire to obtain cosmetic implants. It is also becoming a norm for men to use breast augmentation to improve their body image. (These appearances are usually acquired naturally, through procedural weight lifting and body building exercises).

For some men, no matter how disciplined they are with the natural procedure of lifting weights and body building exercises, it is still impossible to improve, let alone, to define how their pectoral muscles appear. These men therefore, find it ideal to undergo the implants to achieve their desired aesthetic. However, men who suffer from Poland’s disease have no other choice other than breast augmentation to improve their physical structure. Poland's syndrome is a disorder in which the victim lacks a chest muscle, often on one side. This can be corrected with a pectoral implant.

Male to female transsexual patients are always exposed to long-term hormone therapy. They gain an 'A' size. It is rare for breasts to grow larger than this. Those who desire a larger breast should consider augmentation.

The History of Male Breast Enlargement

Before, the only option available for men to possess full breasts was a risky and costly breast enhancement surgery. This is still an option, but other methods of breast implantation have become more popular and accessible. If you were born biologically male, but desire female breasts, there are a number of options available. Most of them require research, planning, and study before becoming available. None of these methods will change your body completely; they will only slightly alter your body's structure. If you do desire a male-to-female bodily transition, top surgery is also available. 

Generally, it is advised to avoid breast enlargement surgery for men because the treatment is much more complicated and complex than it is for women. Men possess naturally less breast tissue than women. Therefore, most surgeons find difficulties in discovering a convenient location to insert silicone implants in males. It is also difficult to keep them stable, as the tissues of a man's chest are not suited to support female breasts.

The Augmentation Process

Most natural breast enhancements available for women are also available and functional on men. This is because biologically, men’s and women’s breast tissues are very similar, even if there are less of these tissues in a man's body.

In the uterus, as early as 6-7 weeks after conception, men’s breasts begin to form. In the next few months, they form fully. We notice that both female and male have the same breast structure after birth and until puberty. The female body during this time produces estrogen, followed by progesterone, and this causes the breasts to enlarge in a four-year process.

Depending on the changes a man is looking for, we recommend that you read through these available options of breast enlargements, and decide whether to use one or combine a few.

The Procedure of Pectoral Implants

Contrasting pectoral implants and female breast implants

Pectoral implants and normal female breast implants are different. In most cases, pectoral implants are composed of solid silicone, while most female breast implants are composed of liquid matter. If we compare the two, however, they both come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on what you're looking for, and after many determining pre-tests and consultations, you will receive one of them.

How long does a pectoral implant surgery take?

Generally, most pectoral implant surgeries take two hours. In some cases directed by doctors, local anesthetics combined with sedatives are used during the process. However, most circumstances require the patients to go under general anesthetic.

What are the steps of the procedure?

Your surgeon will begin by cutting around your nipples, under the armpit and beneath the breast. An 'A' cup size breast pocket is created, so the implant can fit snugly inside. Underneath the large chest muscle, or under the connective tissues that cover the chest muscle, the implant is fixed into correct position, according to a previous agreement between the patient and doctor. 

The implant is stitched into position. There should be no need to unstitch. At last, the pectoral implant is closed by sewing the wound shut and covering it with antiseptic dressings. 

Recovery From the Procedure

Recovery varies depending on each individual's situation. Most men feel discomfort for a while. Prescribed painkillers will become available to you, in addition to over the counter painkillers. If your pain increases, or you notice an unusual smell, redness, or experience difficulty breathing, contact your surgeon immediately. 

Generally, you are required to lay with your chest elevated, wear compressive clothing and avoid tedious work. Men can work in one week’s time if their work is not strenuous. It however takes approximately six weeks for you to return to your normal activities. It is very important to ensure you strictly follow and duly observe the guidelines your surgeon gives you.

Possible Risks Associated With Pectoral Implants

Risks are rare in pectoral implants. It is however very important to take into consideration some of the risks that may occur during this process, and use them to make your decision.

The following are the most possible complications during pectoral implants:

  • Infection
  • The development of a hematoma
  • The development of a seroma
  • Scarring
  • Numbness in the upper arm
  • Undesired results
  • Side effects associated with anesthesia
  • Asymmetry
  • The displacement of the implant due to unexpected movement.

Pectoral implants are firm in nature and therefore they have no known risk of leakages, unlike female implants.

Can Breast Implants Cause Scarring?

Scarring is an inevitable process when the body is healing. After breast implants, scarring is sometimes inevitable due to the deep incisions of the surgery. It should not worry you, even though a few may fear the discomfort that may come with scarring.

Scarring may be extreme in different circumstances depending on where the incisions were made, your skin, complications during surgery and whether or not you smoke.

Why Does Scarring Occur?

When you suffer a lesion, your body produces collagen. An enzyme known as collagenase facilitates the production of collagen. Scarring is the process of your body's reaction when healing a wound.