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How Can I Improve Varicose Veins?

How Can I Improve Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins can affect your self esteem, since they are distressing and painful. These veins can develop anywhere in the body, although the legs are commonly affected. They are usually twisted, swollen and deep purple or blue in color.

When blood starts accumulating in the veins as a result of valves that do not have enough elasticity to allow backflow of blood, varicose veins develop. This results in the bluish look they have, although this should not worry you since naturally; veins contain a tint of blue as the blood does not have oxygen at the time.

Apart from being unsightly, varicose veins can cause discomfort. Symptoms like night cramps, swelling and pain can result from the veins that are twisted and bulging. You can deal with these symptoms by shifting your lifestyle. Although this cannot remove the already developed veins, they can reduce the discomfort you feel and improve your life quality.


Regular exercise that impacts the calf muscles will assist the lower legs' veins in transporting blood to the heart. Regular exercise will keep away the development of varicose veins, or prevent the existing ones from worsening, since varicose veins mostly affect the lower legs. You can do various exercises like biking, swimming or walking.

Loss of Weight

Being obese will put stress on the lower legs’ veins and thus cause them to wear out with time. Varicose treatment for people who are overweight is not usually successful. To ensure treatment is effective, you need to shed some weight. This will also prevent varicose veins from forming in the future.

Raising the Legs

You can relieve the pressure on the lower veins by raising your legs when the day comes to an end. Raising your legs can also ease swelling and achiness. To enhance circulation in the legs, use some pillows and place them beneath the legs up to a point where they level with the heart. 

Position and Posture

You will have a higher chance of developing varicose veins if you sit or stand for a long time. Make sure you do not stay in one position for long if possible. In a day, find several times to sit down and raise your legs if your occupation requires you to stand a lot. Try to move around every hour.


You will limit circulation by wearing tight clothes, which exert more pressure on the veins of the lower legs. Tight underwear and waistbands should be avoided, since they prevent free flow of blood. Avoiding high heels is also wise, because you will exercise the calf muscles better when wearing flat shoes. 

Compression Stockings

You can find them at medical supply shops and pharmacies. They assist the flow of blood in the muscles and veins. You should buy stockings that are comfortable and that fit you well. These stockings come in a wide range of styles, strengths and colors.

Changes in your lifestyle will not totally clear varicose veins, but they will assist in reducing the symptoms and prevent the already existing ones from getting worse.  Your unattractive varicose veins can be removed completely through invasive processes that are minimal at an advanced vascular center.