Beauty and Anti Aging

How Dangerous Are Cosmetics and Skin Care Products to Celiac Patients?

So, are skin and beauty products worth the worry?

The skin is considered the largest living organ of the body. It is able to absorb water, oil, and even cosmetics that may pose harm to a celiac patient. Another thing that adds to the fear is the fact that cosmetics are full of the unknown. They contain chemicals that people do not know about and have labels that only experts can understand.

Concerns are understandable but scientific evidence backs the idea that cosmetic and skin care products with traces of gluten can hardly harm a celiac patient when they're not ingested. This is true even for those who have dermatitis herpetiformis. Patients though have to be wary of skin lesions that may allow the absorption of gluten in large quantities.

Cosmetic products too are controversial. Some do not have clear labels or guidelines to assist their buyers, and even when they do, annual changes to the product are possible because of any alteration from scientists or mother/sister companies. Thickening agents in cosmetics are another thing to look out for. Celiac patients with dermatitis herpetiformis should practice caution as these typically contain flour.