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Is Hair Dye Safe?

Is Hair Dye Safe?

Dying one's hair is a common routine for men and women who experience changes in the color of their hair as they age. Although long-term safety of these products are not clear, there are some precautionary measures to be followed while using a dye.

One should consider the following before dying his or her hair:

  • First, do a patch test to see whether the product cause any particular allergic reaction in the body. For this, apply a small dab of the dye at the back of the ear and allow it to remain without washing for two days. If the dye does not cause the allergic reaction like itching, burning or redness, it may not cause any further reactions while applying dye. If there are any allergic reactions, you can try out other products to check whether any of the ingredients cause an allergic reaction.
  • Avoid leaving the dye in the hair for a long duration. Stick to the time mentioned in the label.
  • Hair dye should not be used to color eyebrows or eyelashes. This may be harmful to the eyes as any allergic reaction in this area may increase the risk of infection of eyes.
  • Avoid spilling dye into the eye as it may be damaging the eyes.
  • The safety of this product during pregnancy is not clear yet and it is better to avoid using these products at that time.
  • Remember to rinse the scalp with enough water after applying dye.
  • Avoid mixing different coloring products.
  • Follow the directions given on the label of the product.
  • Always use hand gloves for applying the dye on to the hair.

There is no evidence to show that hair dye causes hair loss or thinning of hair. If you are still doubtful about the use of any of the chemicals in the dyes, you can always try natural products.