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Keep Your Skin Hydrated Before Applying Makeup

Keep Your Skin Hydrated Before Applying Makeup

We often notice that concealer and other products applied in the morning vanishes by the end of the day, leaving dry spots scattered throughout the face. There are a few products that may be of help that can keep your makeup looking fresh for a longer duration. Regardless, the most important thing is proper skin care.

If you have a dry complexion, go for cream or oil-based foundation or concealer. This will be of help to provide some amount of hydration for the skin under the product. If you moisturize properly, the skin will not look dry or cracked. Beauty balms are also helpful for keeping the skin well hydrated. For dry lips, hydration is the key to give best looks. Unfortunately, dry skin finds it difficult to trap moisture. The best way then is to exfoliate lips once a week and this can be done with easily available home mixture like sugar and honey. Honey is ideal to hydrate dry lips, while sugar helps to remove the dead cells.

Avoid wearing powder if the skin is dry. But if you tend to get shiny regions on nose, forehead, or chin once in a while, a small dust of powder can be used on these areas. On the other hand, if you have oily skin, powder will help to cover the imperfections on face. Opt for blot powder that will help in soaking the excess oil on skin.

Many often feel flaking of makeup after a period of time and this happens due to the accumulation of dead skin cells. Gentle facial exfoliation once a week and daily moisturization is good in preventing flaking. If you feel that the look is fading by midday, you can depend on a hydrating toner which will help in preventing the flaking and reducing dry skin.

If you have dry skin and are in a habit of using moisturizer daily, move on to cream-based moisturizers for better hydration. Look out for creams and serums that contain hyaluronic acid that would be of help in retaining moisturizers for a longer duration. Not to mention, drink plenty of water and have a healthy diet that will keep the skin well hydrated from inside.