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Kim Kardashian's Shocking Beauty and Skincare Routine

Always Wear Sun Screen:Dr. Barbara Sturm's SPF-packed Sun Drops Serum ($145)

Sunscreen may be the MOST IMPORTANT rule when it comes to maintaining radiant, youthful skin.  Kim has had to learn the hard way and even with her olive complexion still wears sunscreen every day after a series of bad burns when she was younger. While there are a lot of cheaper sunscreens that will do the trick, the Barbara Sturn Sun Drops are Kim's preferred choice, because they go on great under makeup. 

Known around the world for her non-surgical anti-aging treatments, Dr. Barbara Sturm founded Molecular Cosmetics to offer people cutting edge rejuvenation products, like her Sun Drops. Containing an active complex of vitamin E, Cassia extract, and Beta-Glucan, the liquid protects the skin and promotes the regeneration of damaged cell structures. And with an SPF of 50, it is also a strong shield against the sun’s rays. You can apply it directly onto your face or mix a few drops of it into your preferred face cream.

It is one of the more expensive items on this list at $145, but given the depth of scientific research and engineering that goes into Dr. Sturm’s products, you’re all but guaranteed a successful treatment. Free of synthetic fragrances, parabens, and mineral oils, Molecular Cosmetic’s Sun Drops are suitable for all skin types and assure the revival of stressed skin along with the restoration of a youthful glow.