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Reasons Why You Need Cryotherapy

Reasons Why You Need Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a surgical method, used to treat diseased tissue or a strained nerve, by using the method of freezing. Cryotherapy is becoming more common, and it is not difficult to locate a spa or a wellness facility nearby that has a cryo sauna. So, why would you even consider cryotherapy? Well, cryotherapy has been shown to help in various ways:

Speeding up recovery

This is the major reason why athletes use cryotherapy. The low temperature reduces the inflammation in the muscles and helps the body recover from injury faster than just resting. You can also benefit from this use if you have a physical injury, it’s not limited to athletes. It also helps reduce muscle soreness after a workout through reducing the inflammation and can help you feel rejuvenated instead of fatigued.

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Pain relief

Those with chronic pain, either due to an injury or a pre-existing medical condition can also make use of this technology to relieve the pain. In the same way just as you hold an ice pack against your head when you have a headache, cryotherapy has the same effect, but for the whole body. A low temperature on the skin causes blood vessels to constrict and temporarily numbs nerve endings, bringing relief from pain. Relief from pain also consequently helps speed up the recovery.

People who have joint pain either due to a surgeries or injuries, can make use of this therapy. Even sports persons, make use of this treatment to get pain relief effectively and quickly, so that time is also saved and the body is also not sore.

Good blood circulation

People who undergo a whole-body cryotherapy can instantly feel much more energized than normal. Our body is usually deprived of the needed oxygen, thanks to the pollution filled air and modern habits. So this therapy, increases your blood circulation which in turn lures your body with the lost oxygen. This will also boost your immune system and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

Consistent sleep pattern

Many people these days suffer from insomnia or lack of sleep. This lack of sleep in turn makes the body go weak and also deteriorates the mental thinking of a person. It further can lead to obesity, and other harmful diseases like prostate cancer and breast cancer in the long run. Cryotheraphy treatment, when taken over a few sessions have helped people to gain the consistent sleep pattern. It lowers the anxiety and stress a person is facing and energizes the body. This helps in keeping the body’s sleep cycle in place.

To energize your body

When you are usually in cold temperature, your body releases endorphins to activate your cells and give you the needed energy. The same happens when people undergo cryotherapy. The body feels light and people are usually seen in livelier and positive mood, rather than being sad or low. It thus makes people feel stronger and active, with a high metabolic rate. And yes, this increase in metabolic rate can help you burn quite some calories and stay fit. So, though it does not replace your exercise regime, cryotherapy can help you lose some weight when combined with a nutritious diet plan.

Management of certain medical conditions

Medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis can also be managed through cryotherapy. The procedure reduces inflammation within the joints of the body, relieving pain but also slowing the advance of the condition.

Besides this, it can be used to address depression, anxiety, and insomnia. These aren’t the main purposes for which the technology was created, but it seems to help with such problems. Cryotherapy makes the body release endorphins afterwards, which are the body’s feel-good hormones. This can help relate someone with depression or anxiety.

Prevents skin aging

Collagen in the skin helps improve its texture and keeps it from getting stretchy and wrinkled. Cryotherapy is said to boost this collagen and reduce the cellulite in the skin. Thus, after a few sessions of this treatment, you can notice visibly younger looking skin, which is radiant and glowing. Many people also visit the cyro spa for the same reason.

Why cryotherapy?

There are creams and ointments, medication and other conventional forms of therapy that can address all the above problems, so what is so special about cryotherapy?


The entire process takes place in a cryo sauna which is filled with liquid nitrogen that cools the surface of your body. Besides the slight cold, the process is entirely painless and there have been no side-effects noted after using cryotherapy. Compared to other forms of care for the problems above, cryotherapy is very efficient.

Quick results

Unlike medication which you have to take for weeks or even months, a single cryotherapy session won’t take longer than 3 minutes. In fact, you are advised not to stay longer than 3 minutes inside the cryotherapy chamber. You may have to undergo a few of these sessions, but it usually takes less than a month to achieve the desired result. So, it’s a quick fix solution for joint pain, nerve pain etc.


It is true that an appointment in the cryotherapy chamber may be expensive at first, but not when compared to the alternatives. Medication may have to be taken for months to achieve the same results, and most people can’t afford to stay at home and rest, so cryotherapy provides a quick solution. In the long-run, therefore, cryotherapy is far cheaper than other forms of therapy and treatment.

No side-effects

The only side-effect experienced from cryotherapy is an endorphin rush after stepping out of the cryo sauna, which is great for people with low energy. Very rarely can one observe little redness on the skin or numbness, which fades away within sometime. Users of cryotherapy don’t experience any adverse side-effects and can get back to work or practice immediately afterwards.

Cryotherapy is thus not less than any other miracle treatment. Though there are many saunas where you can get treated, people can see free standing machines in some gyms as well. It is a great alternative for treatments like ice bath and provides almost immediate relief.

Final Thoughts

Cryotherapy is becoming a very popular form of alternative therapy and treatment for certain people. While certain contraindications, such as having high blood pressure, should be avoided, it is generally considered to be safe for most of the population. Taking certain precautions, such as ensuring all clothing and skin is dry before entering the chamber, will prevent the possibility of undesirable side effects. One of the most important preventable side effects of cryotherapy is frostbite. 

If you have arthritis, an injury, headaches, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, or insomnia, cryotherapy may be worth looking into as a form of alternative treatment. Additionally, cryotherapy may be anti-aging. It may also help treat certain skin conditions or concerns, such as cellulite. Cryotherapy may even boost a person's metabolism.

While cryotherapy may sound like a fantastic cure-all treatment, it is important to remember that cryotherapy is contraindicated for certain people and certain conditions. It also has not been officially approved for the treatment of any condition. Additionally, cryotherapy is relatively new compared to other methods of treatment, so long-term effects may be unclear, and therefore people should be cautious about cryotherapy. However, many people claim that cryotherapy has been helpful in providing them with better quality-of-life, especially for chronic pain and chronic conditions, such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Therefore, the risk may be worth the relief and treatment that cryotherapy may provide in your life.

Be sure to discuss cryotherapy and your specific needs and conditions with a doctor or experienced professional.

Key Takeaways

  • Cryotherapy helps speed up the recovery, as well as helps relieve the pain. 
  • Rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis can also be managed with cryotherapy.
  • Normally a single cryotherapy session does not take longer than 3 minutes.