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Reasons Why You Would Need Plastic Surgery

Reasons Why You Would Need Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a choice made by a person who wants to look different, feel different, or just show off the new and improved version of him or herself. Most people have different reasons for undergoing plastic surgery.

Sometimes one needs to see a psychiatrist before undergoing plastic surgery, because the process of plastic surgery is no small issue as it is made out to be today by the ever-growing youth populace that has new views. However, plastic surgery is certainly the right choice for certain people.

Reasons to consider plastic surgery include: 

1. Bad Genes

One inherits genes and you cannot choose what kind you want.

This is a big reason to have plastic surgery and, depending on your genes, you will have either a reason to get surgery or not. It is true that there is nothing wrong with changing your looks, because few people have genes that give them the perfect look that they so desire.

However, never aspire to change everything about yourself as this would be a disaster. After that one surgery, some people get the feeling that everything is wrong and start changing it all. This ends up with them looking alien and bizarrely disfigured due to all the surgery. What they fail to realize is that once you feel like changing your entire body like that for no good reason, you’re most likely suffering from something psychological rather than physical in nature.

2. Repairing Skin Damaged by the Sun

Tanning may seem like a great way to get great skin, and many people do it when they get the chance.

Sadly though, we all now know that the sun’s UV rays are harmful to the body and they make you age really fast. Women used to do tanning more than most people and then along came the tanning beds, and everybody was getting in one. The effects are very visible, as your skin sags and folds up, especially where it was hit by more sun showing a remarkably distinct difference.

If it sags, a surgical face lift is available to deal with that. However, if your skin looks great, don’t go to the surgeon. Just wait until you are older before taking that leap, because the results are limited at best, and they will never make your face look quite the same as before.

3. Reversing the Aging Process

Despite there being many ways to make sure one does not age prematurely, age catches up with everyone, and most people will get that wrinkly sagging skin look. It is life and one should be able to accept it and move on. Some don’t accept this, and they decide to get face lifts and dermal fillers.

This is one of the main reasons why people decide to get plastic surgery, because they want to look younger and less wrinkled. This need is healthy only up to a certain point.

Younger women get good rates on the procedures of anti-aging. They have better skin and less work to be done on them. Therefore, if you are looking to get this done, do it when you are younger, but do not do too much and ensure that you never overdo it.

This way you will get better results and a better feeling about yourself.

4. Scars from Acne

These mean little scars stay with you for a long time later in life, and while a dermatologist can have them removed, it does not always work completely. They have only so much they can do. It therefore necessitates that one go for plastic surgery to get this fixed.

Laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion, and skin needling all contribute toward the removal of these scars. Deeply etched scars can be concealed with fillers that are right under the skin and above the scar.

Don’t struggle too much to get out very deep scars, as this could be more harmful than just concealing them.

5. Changing a Physical Problem

A lot of people are born with deformities on their faces and other places that hinder their normal biological functions like breathing and seeing properly. They could have eyelids that droop or a twisted nose and hence need to undergo reconstructive surgery to ensure that they feel better and get to do what everyone with average and normal appearances does.

These include nasal surgery, face reconstruction, and body contouring to those who have lost tremendous amounts of weight and have been left with sagging skin that is unsightly.

In these cases, the surgery is not only intended for the patient to live better or breathe better, but also to feel better about themselves. For example, children would feel better going to a school where they are not teased because of their deformities, and surgery can help them feel and look the part.

6. Career Purposes

This takes place mostly in the entertainment industry, where the movie stars and television personalities along with musicians and other famous faces undergo such procedures to reverse aging and look better so they can be perceived as perfect by their adoring fans.

This has spilled over to almost everyone who works with people directly. They get surgery just to look good to their clients and get the job done.

They get perceived differently with all the allure of youth and good looks that come with good surgery. Mostly it is middle-aged professionals who want to fit in with the younger workforce.

7. To Be Liked by Peers

The pressure of being included in groups and friend get-togethers is so moving it can compel one to get the looks that are accepted by friends to be conventional or perfect. This will lead to people getting surgery to please others.

While this might appear vain and immature, you probably do not know what it feels like to be cast as a freak or the odd one out. This will damage one’s psychological nature in ways most people cannot imagine.

8. Restarting Life

It is true that sometimes surgery can help people who have problems with their lives by offering a new start and ensuring that they get to start afresh with a new perspective and new looks.

9. Removing Fat

Thin or slim bodies have been all the rage as of recent years, and the desire for most women to look the part increases, and they feel the pressure to look like the magazine cover models. They therefore get their bodies altered and get buttock lifts and thigh lifts. These and other procedures leave scars, but they can be dealt with.

Pregnant women also get rid of the baby fat by getting tummy tucks, which leave scars along the abdomen, but these can be concealed.

10. Other Reasons

Yes, some people get surgery just so they can look alien, and, as strange as it might sound, it has been seen and people do it just to have that unique feature that distinguishes them and makes them odd.

Some do it for other reasons, including:

  • Quest for perfection
  • Depression
  • Getting someone to date you
  • Recovery from tragedy
  • Boredom
  • Pleasing people

Plastic surgery is now commonplace and normal. It is done regardless of the risks involved, and people have their own reasons for undergoing plastic surgery.

Just make sure that even though you have a reason, it is the right one, as some people end up regretting the changes.