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Take Care of Skin in Winter

Winter Skincare

How to Take Care of Skin in Winter

For many people who love this time of the year, winter can be a great thing. But, for everyone else (and even including those who love it because they aren’t immune as well) it can cause a lot of skin problems. Cold weather can make your skin incredibly dry and irritating in the worst case. Bummer, huh? Also, the lack of moisture in the air could lead to dryness as well and make your skin a little hard to handle during the winter months. But, don’t worry!

There are a few things you can do in order to protect your skin before it’s too late:


Everyone knows that dryness of the skin is another big enemy that makes your skin more sensitive during the winter. A great number of people have huge problems with this particular thing. If you fall under this category, the best thing you can do is to use a moisturizer made specifically for your skin type. It is even unnecessary to say that you ought to use it regularly in order to keep your skin protected. Obviously, you should apply some kind of a lotion after taking a shower. This way, you’ll be able to allow your skin to stay moisturized for longer periods of time during the winter months! In order to keep it well protected, you should moisturize your skin lightly and often. Use moisturizer with low SPF and remember to moisturize appropriately depending on your skin sensitivity. Humidifiers provide more moisture to your skin, which helps prevent dryness.

Do not exfoliate too Often

Exfoliating is essential part of a good winter skincare and it’s almost unnecessary to mention that it has extremely beneficial effects for your skin. But, you should be careful not to exfoliate too often. Avoid excessive exfoliation as this will over-expose the skin. Exfoliating your face aggressively could lead to removing the top skin layer, which tends to be very delicate. If this happens, you risk your skin to become more uncomfortable, irritating, or even dry. Be careful!

Use additional Clothes

Protect your skin properly when outside. Use gloves, and cover your face in cold and harsh weather, especially blizzard conditions. For your feet and other thick, cracked skin, use petroleum jelly and cover with cotton socks before bedtime. Your skin tends to be very sensitive during the winter, so in order to protect that, you should do anything from wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants, or wearing sunglasses and hats. It should help a lot!

Winter causes dry skin. We already clarified that. And what should you do to change that? In order to keep your skin protected during the winter you should follow the tips mentioned above and finally give your skin a chance to enjoy the winter as much as you do. Apply moisturizer on a daily basis to avoid dryness and irritation of your skin and don’t forget to cut down exfoliation to a minimum. Ultimately, protect your skin with additional clothes and enjoy the winter!