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Turn Back the Clock in a 30 Minute Visit With a Liquid Facelift

Turn Back the Clock in a 30 Minute Visit With a Liquid Facelift

What is a liquid face lift?

As we age our face begins to form wrinkles and folds as a result of loss of collagen and elastin. A liquid face lift is used to fill up this space in the dermis using various dermal fillers to lift and contour the facial features. A liquid face lift is a non-surgical procedure performed in a physicians office.

Who is a candidate?

The best patients for a face lift are  patients below 50 years and physically healthy. A good candidate will also be someone who is emotionally stable, has real expectations and has great skin and texture.

What injections are used for a liquid face lifting procedure?

Temporary fillers such as Juvederm or long lasting ones such as Radiesse, and Sculptra are used for the face lifting procedure. Along with these fillers, BOTOX is also used to relax the facial muscles that contribute to facial wrinkling and furrows.

How is a liquid face lift done?

A liquid face lift is a non-surgical procedure and is only done with the use of injections. Before the procedure, your doctor will speak with you and decide the most suitable face lift needed for your face according to your aging features and personal goals. The treatment used will vary from person to person depending on their expectations and their aging features. The fillers are injected in various areas of your face at varying depths. The treatment can take as little as 30 minutes and the time taken for the procedure will vary depending on the number of injections sites and injectable used.


The results of an injectable face lifting procedure are visible instantly however, if a long lasting injection such as a sculptra is used, it may take about 3 months for the results to be visible. These sessions are within one month intervals.

It is common to see some swelling and bruising soon after the procedure is completed however this will all resolve within a matter of few days. To minimize the swelling, you may be given a pack of ice to be placed on the face. Avoid exercises or any other activities that will increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Also it is best to avoid blood thinning agents such as aspirin and ibuprofen to prevent easy bruising.

What are the risks of a liquid face lift?

Some swelling and bruising may be present initially after the procedure however this will disappear within a few days after treatment. Small bumps called granulomas may also appear beneath the skin when long lasting fillers are used. Asymmetry of the face lift is another risk but this can be overcome by follow up treatment.

The absence of surgical risks is an added advantage of a liquid face lift.

How long do the effects last?

The duration which the treatment lasts depends on the type of injection used. If a collagen based injection is used, the effects will last for about 3 to 4 months, and hyaluronic based injections last from 6 to 12 months. There are semi-permanent fillers such as Radiesse and sculptra which lasts for more than 2 years.

Even though the result may last only for smaller period, the results will look natural. The procedure is considered to be cost effective and you will be able to maintain a face lift easily.