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What Causes Dry Hair?

What Causes Dry Hair?

The two most important things needed for healthy looking hair are shine and luster. The outermost layer of the hair provides ample protection to the inner layers. The presence of oil in the outer layer of the hair reflects the light making it look shiny. But when the hair is dry, the outer protective layer is damaged, giving a dull and unhealthy look to the mane. Understanding the causes of dryness in hair will be helpful in taking the right steps in getting luxurious hair. One of the most common causes of dryness in hair is the lack of adequate moisture in the scalp.

Enough moisture may not be produced by the scalp; hair is moisturized by the natural oils made by the hair root. If enough oil is not produced by the hair root, it may lead to dryness. Aging may lead to less production of oil in the scalp. As the scalp has less oil, the hair also may look lifeless. Too much dryness of the skin may lead to dandruff flakes.

If the moisture produced in the scalp is not locked within, dryness may be the result. Healthy hair is protected by a layer of cuticle. Cuticle keeps the moisture within and keeps it healthy. As the cuticle is damaged, moisture may be lost from the scalp leading to dryness.

Some other causes of dryness in the hair includes:

  • Using harsh shampoo or other chemicals for hair
  • Over-washing of hair that removes the protective oil layer from the surface
  • Blow-drying of hair
  • Use of hair-straighteners
  • Too much exposure to sun, wind, and dry air
  • Chemical treatments, like dyes, perms, and relaxers

Unhealthy food habits may also lead to dry hair. Fatigue and weakness may also cause dryness. Washing hair once or twice a week will reduce frequent shampooing and blow-drying of hair. Using a moisturizing conditioner after shampooing will help to lock the moisture in. Hydration of the hair can be replenished by massaging jojoba oil or coconut oil. Deep conditioning treatment may be helpful in reducing dryness. Treating the underlying health problem may help to prevent hair dryness.