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What is Sunburn?

What is Sunburn?

Love Sun and Sand? Who doesn’t? But are you aware that about 70% of the people who enjoy the ultraviolet rays of the sun get sunburn? In most of the cases this results from too much of exposure to the Sun. It may also result from exposure to ultraviolet rays. Although there are warnings about sunburn caused by overexposure to the sun, people still look for ways to get that bronze tan. It is essential to know ways of protecting your skin from sun damage along with tips on getting relief from sunburn.

Sunburn results from exposing the skin to sun for a long duration. It can be noted easily by the presence of red and irritated skin that gives a burning feeling. The damage caused by overexposure is not always visible to the naked eye. The ultraviolet rays of the sun may permanently damage the DNA and lead to premature aging of the skin. It may also lead to skin cancer over a period of time. The damage caused depends on the skin type, intensity of sun, and the exposure period.

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The first symptom of sunburn is the reddish, irritated skin. The red skin may often cause a burning sensation and this may lead to swelling or blisters. Some other symptoms that may accompany these symptoms include:

The reddish skin may start peeling after a few days. Burning may be felt on different parts of the body like scalp, lips, and even earlobes. Over exposure may also lead to burning of the eyes. The symptoms start appearing after a few hours of exposure to the Sun. The severity of damage may be known only after a few days of exposure.

One should visit the doctor if the blisters are found in a large part of the skin, and if it is accompanied by fever and headache. This is especially important if the damage does not respond or reduce with normal home remedies.

Any treatment for sunburn focuses on reducing the pain and relieving reddish and inflamed skin. Some of the home remedies that may be of use include:

  • Cold compress – Applying cold compress or having a cold bath would be helpful in soothing the skin.
  • Creams – Creams and gels containing menthol, camphor, and aloe are known to reduce the burning sensation.
  • Medications – Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications may be helpful in reducing the inflammation in the skin.
  • Hydration – Drinking plenty of water would help to prevent further damage.