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20 Strange Celebrity Beauty Treatments That Actually Work

Jennifer Lopez- Placenta Masks

This acting, singing and beauty mogul has remained ageless ever since we met her over 20 years what's her secret?  Apparently Jen is a big believer in placenta facials. 

YES - placenta! She applies a human placenta mask twice per week and calls it her secret weapon, keeping her skin plump, glowing, and wrinkle free.  

This bizarre treatment works by adding high levels of protein and iron-rich extract from placentas.  This treatment can be expensive, ranging from 100 dollars to over 1,000 dollars per treatment. 

Jennifer credits the placenta mask with keeping her face looking decades younger.

The health benefits of wearing a placenta mask:

  • Cleanses your skin of impurities, dirts and oils
  • Diminishes wrinkles by tightening and lifting
  • Stimulates collagen production by attracting endogenic collagenases
  • Increases hydrolaunic acid production - hydrating your skin and giving you a glow
  • Increases blood circulation in the face, helping new cell turnover and oxygenating the cells
  • Reduces redness, hyper pigmentation and puffiness

Many placental treatments use sheep placentas, which are said to be full of vitamins, minerals, iron, and antibodies. These come from the stem cells inside the placenta. Many women are drawn to this approach simply because it is 100% natural.

Other celebrities who swear by placenta mask treatments include Marc Anthony and Madonna.

Scientists insist more testing must be done before officially determining any associated benefits with placenta masks, just like any other stem-cell-related beauty treatments, but some celebrities swear by the results! Some alternative uses for placenta include hair treatment, and even as an ingredient in food! It is believed by some to activate metabolism when ingested.

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Photo: @jlo (Instagram)