Christy Brinkley- Xeomin

Christy opted to try Xeomin, an injectable similar to Botox that diminishes fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, crows feet, and elevens in between your brows. She chose Xeomin, because of it's purified form with less additives than its competitors.  In addition to maintaining a very health lifestyle, Christy Brinkley is open about trying different cosmetic procedures that maintain a natural, yet youthful appearance.   She says her goal was "never to look different, but I’m almost 64, at a certain point, you might need a little something extra. When I look in the mirror, I want to feel like I look as good as I feel. And if you can have something done to feel more confident and better about yourself, then you feel like your face matches your spirit—and my spirit is enthusiastic and energetic."

Christy's goal in sharing her anti- aging treatments is to be honest and open with all of the people who look up to her.  The super model was very nervous to try Xeomin, concerned it would take away her ability to show emotion. In the end she was very happy and said it was a great non-invasive pick me up.

Xeomin Facts:

  • Xeomin contains only one ingredient: botulinum toxin A and no additives which means the body is less likely to form an allergy to it.
  • Xeomin results will last from 3- 6 months.
  • Xeomin is injected into the forehead, crowfeet, and eleven area of the forehead in between the brows.