Demi Moore- Leech Blood Sucking Therapy

Demi Moore says, “It detoxifies your blood - I’m feeling very detoxified right now. I did it in some woman’s house lying on her bed. We did a little sampler first, which is in the belly button. “It crawls in and you feel it bite down on you and you want to go, 'You b*****d.’ Then you relax and work on your Lamaze breathing just to kind of relax."

For Demi Moore, blood sucking leeches are part of her youth regiment, keeping her feeling great and looking young.

“You watch it swell up on your blood, watching it get fatter and fatter - then when it’s super drunk on your blood it just kind of rolls over like it is stumbling out of the bar.”

How does it work?

  1. First, shave your body.
  2. Take a turpentine bath.
  3. Allow the leaches to attach, bite you and suck your blood.
  4. Once they get full they will fall off and release an anticoagulant which will act as a detox enzyme.