Kate Hudson- 24 Carat Gold Facials

Yes-celebrities like Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz and countless supermodels are indulging in 24 carat gold facials which are now a-must-have prep before award shows and photo shoots.  It is rumored that Cleopatra slept with a gold mask each night to maintain her ageless beauty, and now it has become the latest craze among stars and other beauty moguls who attest to its amazing affects on the complexion.  While a single session could cost you over 1000 dollars- many at home skin care lines are now adding gold to their mask lines, making it more accessible for us regular folk.

The benefits of a gold facial

  • It reduces sun damage and dark spots
  • It slows down your skins collagen depletion
  • It increases your skin's elasticity
  • It gives you golden glow while making you feel like a million bucks!