Kate Middleton- Bee Venom

The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly had her bee venom facial before her wedding day and is known to now get the treatment every couple of months as part of her natural anti-aging routine.  The skin is cleaned and washed and once the bee venom is applied, it supposedly "tricks" your skin into thinking that it was stung...giving it a plumper and fuller appearance.  Other A-listers like Victoria Beckham, Simon Cowell and Kylie Minogue are all fans of this unusual treatment.

Facts about bee venom facials

  • Bee Venom is anaphylactic, so it can temporarily relax your facial muscles in a similar way to Botox.
  • Bee venom increases collagen sythesis
  • It reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • It must not be performed if you have a known allergy