Some Natural Treatments You Can Try at Home

Anti-aging treatments have become a multimillion dollar industry in recent years. There are hundreds of products that promise to eliminate wrinkles, tighten skin, and soften skin tissue. Unfortunately, many of these products can be ridiculously expensive and contain harmful chemicals that can have less than desirable effects.

But what if there was a way to stop aging effects without the use of chemicals and without breaking the bank? Many natural anti-aging treatments have been discovered, and many of them are just as if not more effective than most commercial anti-aging products. As an added bonus, most of these treatments are fairly inexpensive and good for one’s overall health.

Here are 20 of the best natural anti-aging treatments available today.

  1. Green tea face mask: Originally, this method was used by an older woman who lived in china. It was used since green tea has anti-aging properties. For this treatment method, unsweetened green tea powder needs to be added to white tea in order to make a cleansing face mask. This mask will help rejuvenate the skin. An antioxidant known as EGCG is present in this mask in higher amounts. These antioxidants help to battle wrinkles. This in turn increases the turnover of the cell and causes increased rejuvenation of the skin. The skin cells that are dying due to poor lifestyle habits, sun exposure, and pollution can be reactivated by the EGCG compound. Also, this compound contains high levels of oligomeric proanticyanidins, which help fight free radicals and ward off premature aging, thus healing the damaged cells. The enzymes collagen and elastin that strengthen the skin and make it supple are prevented from breaking down by OPCs. Green tea inhibits the signs of premature aging; these signs include age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin. They make the skin suppler and the complexion moist. Ground green tea leaves can be combined with three tablespoon of full-fat yogurt, and then, for 20 minutes, it can be applied to the face. Afterwards, it should be rinsed.
  2. Ginger tea: Ginger tea has been used throughout India by women, because it also has anti-aging properties and is a tea-based method. Into hot water, add shredded ginger and honey, and a tea should be made out of this so that the person can have this ginger tea every day. Inflammation of the joints is prevented by honey, which has antibacterial properties. An antioxidant called gingerol is present in ginger, and this antioxidant prevents the breakdown of collagen. Collagen gives strength and elasticity to the skin, and it is proteinaceous in nature.
  3. Bee venom mask: This mask has gained some recent hype over the past few years. The bee venom mask was not only dubbed as a natural botox treatmemt, it has also gained some popularity with the royals, like Kate Middleton and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Surprisingly, this has loads of antioxidants, and is an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. There has also been evidence that this treatment has aided patients with illnesses like HIV, Lyme disease, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis (MS). There are 18 added substances in total, which include melittin and apamin. Melittin is considered an anti-inflammatory that has treated rheumatic diseases and some cancers. Hyaluronidase is another part of bee venem that converts hyaluronic acid to a acetylglucosamine, which is essential for functions like hydration, transport, cell migration, cell function, lubrication, and differentiation.
  4. Mexican sugar scrub: This method is also an anti-aging one that comes from a Central American country. It is cheap and available in almost any grocery store. The only thing that needs to be done is to create a scrub for your hands and face by mixing sugar and lemon juice. The sugar crystals exfoliate the skin. It also helps to clear the pores and as well as gets rid of dead skin. Alpha hydroxyl acid is present in lemon juice, and it peels away layers of dead and dull skin. You can rid of dead skin by using this scrub. In order to deeply and effectively cleanse the pores and skin tissues, you can make moisturizers out of it. However, since this method is abrasive, it should be used rarely.
  5. Urine therapy: Yes, we're serious. This treatment has also gained recent popularity, and health experts have cited that rubbing urine into the skin can clear acne. Actually, according to Martha Christy, who wrote Your Own Perfect Medicine, urine can help acne, eczema, psoriasis, and even fungal infections.  Though it may not seem like it, urine is 95% water, with the other 5% as nutrients, minerals, proteins, vitamins and antibodies. Urine has also been proven to help boost your immune system. Christy, who is also a medical researcher, has also suggested gargling it in the morning. Urine therapy can be a natural vaccine, antibacterial and anticarcinogenic agent, hormone balancer and allergy reliever.
  6. Ice bath: Kate Hudson happens to swear by this beauty trick, and it's something that's easy to do at home. It involves a little water and a lot of ice. You would need to stick your head in this, and stay as long as you can. It may sound a little painful, but it certainly helps with keeping your skin smooth.
  7. Ant Body Wash: Ants can contain high levels of formic acid, which is known to provide energy. And, this also contains natural expired fruits that help remove dead skin and oil residue. In some cultures, even, ants are a part of the daily diet because of the properties they hold. You can use this to wash your hair, as a scrub, an a bath soak. It also comes at an affordable price.
  8. Butter massage: This practice is mostly known in Ethiopia. Women, there, have a 45 minute massage from their scalp to their toes, and butter is applied everywhere on their skin. Butter is even spread across their more private areas, like the vagina and breasts. Afterwards, they sit in a smoky room and a heavy blanket over them, until the butter has melted. This is supposed to tighten the vaginal muscles after a pregnancy, or just in general. This massage may not be readily available in the U.S., but it can be mimicked in your very own home.
  9. Food Facial Mask: This contains honey, plain yogurt, egg whites, and cucumber juice. The lactic acid in the yogurt will aid in tightening your pores and help your skin to glow. This will reduce any lines and wrinkles on your face and make your skin smooth and exfoliated.
  10. Vanilla Latte Sugar Scrub: How bad is sugar for the body? Sugar isn't too bad actually when it's applied to your skin. This scrub can tighten and smooth out any part of your skin when mixed with equal amounts of sugar and olive oil. You only have to massage your skin for a couple of minutes. Do not worry. Your skin cells are different from your fat cells, so this absorbing sugar in this way is fine. 
  11. Beach waves texturizing spray: Want the effects of the beach without leaving your home? Try some kosher or sea salt. Fill up a spray botle with approximately 3 ounces of water and only use 3 teaspoons of salt with some of your own hair gel. After you spray it in your hair and scrunch it, the salt will help your hair gain more texture and volume.
  12. Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar can be used for a number of different things, and it's known already as a natural cure for some of the most bothersome of ailments. But it can also remove toenail fungus when applied right. Apple cider vinegar can be used with epsom salts and warm water to remove any fungus along your nails.
  13. Olive oil: Olive oil has a lot of properties that can help your skin and your nails, and it's just sitting on your shelves! It can help mosturize your skin and give it more of a clean look. 
  14. Noni juice: A fruit known as noni is found commonly in Polynesia, and the juice of it is used to treat the effects of aging. It is one of the most popular treatments available. The appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet, and fine lines can be lessened by using this moisturizer, hence, it is one of the most effective remedies on the market.
  15. Grape seed extract: For the citizens of France, this beauty treatment is known to be very effective. The antioxidant levels in the blood have been shown to boost with the help of grape seed supplements. In the skin, they also protect collagen and elastin; this makes the skin strong, elastic, and firmer. To get the same effect, you would need to eat at least 50 pounds of regular grapes, and so you need to keep in mind that you need to get actual grape seed extract supplements.
  16. Rice milk cleanser: For generations throughout Japan, this anti-aging cleanser has been used. In order to form a paste, you need to mix brown rice flour with unsweetened rice milk. This paste can go over the skin. This paste is especially rich in vitamin E, and it prevents the skin from deteriorating. Calcium is provided by rice milk, which can make the bones and skin stronger, and the skin becomes resistance to aging effects, which can be further increased by retinol-building vitamin A. 
  17. Aloe cucumber cream: This cream acts like a super moisturizer by making the skin look radiant and younger; it exfoliates the skin. To make this cream, mix half a cup of Greek yogurt with half a cup of cucumber, half a spoonful of lemon juice, and half a cup of peeled aloe skin. Place all of these ingredients into a blender or food processor. Over a bowl, place a clothed strainer and strain the mixture for a couple of hours. Put the cream on your skin and leave it for 30 minutes. This paste makes your skin renewed and fresh. This cream is special for a number of reasons: the skin is hydrated by the aloe in the cream, and thus, the skin is prevented from drying out; the skin may look radiant and bright with fresh lemon; the skin Is exfoliated by the lactic acid present in the yogurt; and the dead skin layers are gotten rid of by the lactic acid in the yogurt.
  18. Apple honey chia honey scrub: This is another scrub that has lots of benefits for the skin. To make this scrub, blend half of a green apple with two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoon of chia seeds. After blending, apply this scrub onto the skin and let it sit for five minutes. Antioxidants in chia seeds prevent the collagen and elastin from breaking down and also protect the cells of the skin. For the pores and skin, honey is used to act as a deep cleaner. However, green apple is the real powerhouse of the scrub; the skin can become plump, soothed, and brightened by the polyphenols, flavonoids, and alpha hydroxyl acids present in the green apple.
  19. Berries: One of the most effective anti-aging treatments is berries, which can be easily incorporated into the person’s diet. The skin can be protected by blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, and other fruits since they are rich in antioxidants. The skin cells are protected from dying off and, over time, the degradation of skin is stopped. The maximum amount of antioxidants can be found in berries and blueberries.
  20. Magnesium supplements: An incredibly important nutrient for the body is magnesium, and this mineral can work wonders in preventing the effects of aging. Boosting one’s consumption of magnesium can increase energy levels. Also, it increases libido, improves bowel movements, and makes the skin more elastic and healthier. Instead of magnesium supplements, you can increase your intake of foods that are rich in magnesium in your diet. This includes wheat bran, almonds, brown rice, wheat germ, and peanuts. Magnesium is a beneficial and an important nutrient to ensure that the heart and nervous system are functioning properly. Hence, there is no harm in getting more of this nutrient. However, before you make any changes in your supplement regimen, speak to your doctor first.