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18 Celebrities Who Have Died from Substance Abuse

14. Hank Williams

Hank Williams, one of the first and most iconic country music stars, died of a heart attack in the backseat of his Cadillac at the early age of 29.The talented singer-songwriter suffered from alcoholism and drug addiction.

Williams started abusing alcohol and morphine to relieve the excruciating back pain he suffered with throughout his life. He was born with spina bifida, a debilitating spinal condition.

As he developed an ongoing dependence on alcohol, he became less reliable as a performer. Despite his early success, his behavior became increasingly erratic; he would often show up at live performances drunk.

Over time, he became more and more famous, but his addiction to alcohol and morphine grew increasingly problematic. Because of his addiction issues, he was eventually fired from the Grand Ole Opry, and he and his wife divorced.

The country superstar declined physically due to his substance abuse; he put on weight and his hair started falling out. He suffered a minor heart attack and collapsed on multiple occasions.

On New Year’s Day in 1953, his driver was bringing him to a concert where he was scheduled to perform. His driver grew concerned that Williams had been quiet, so he pulled over the car to check on him. Williams was pronounced dead a short time later.

The legendary musician is considered one of the most significant and influential American singer-songwriters of the 20th century.

Photo source: Hank Williams by dmhco03