10. Brooke Shields

Actress and model Brooke Shields has tried Botox, but she’s worried about the possible negative effects of getting too much plastic surgery. She does want to eliminate her wrinkles, so she is considering laser treatment. However, she’s being cautious and looking for a dermatologist or plastic surgeon with a “delicate touch,” as she put it. In her words, she’s scared she will “end up looking like the Joker” if she has too much work done.

Shields isn’t the only one who has reservations about the potential downsides of plastic surgery. Like Shields, many people are interested in the anti-aging benefits cosmetic procedures offer, yet they worry about the possible negative effects. Ultimately, the solution probably comes down to balance. Most people agree there is such a thing as too much plastic surgery, and even most plastic surgeons would caution against excessive procedures. For many people, plastic surgery can be a perfectly safe option for achieving their desired look, and the results can be natural-looking.

Photo source: Brooke Shields by Original Belly Works