11. Anna Faris

In her book Unqualified, comedienne and actress Anna Faris admitted that she had plastic surgery. She confessed that she’s always felt somewhat self-conscious about certain aspects of her appearance, particularly her breasts, lips, hands, and weight.

She decided to try cosmetic procedures, beginning with injections in her upper lip. She noticed a bit of a change in the fullness of her lips, but no one else ever commented on it, so she wondered if it really made much of a difference after all. Over time, though, the injections got to be too much, and her friends did start commenting that they thought her lips were starting to look too big. So, she stopped getting the lip injections, which she now acknowledges weren’t the right choice for her.

However, the House Bunny star doesn’t regret getting breast implants. For her role as a Playboy bunny in the 2008 comedy, Faris had to wear very heavily padded, A-cup bras. She decided she wanted to get breast implants to achieve a larger bosom. Her then-husband Chris Pratt gave her his blessing, so with his support, she had breast augmentation surgery.

Photo source: Anna Faris by Patricia Adam