12. Courtney Love

On Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2014, rocker Courtney Love candidly admitted to having a rhinoplasty at age 20. The Hole frontwoman joked, “Let’s just be real: I had a really big nose.” She says the surgery changed her life and gave her the confidence she needed to perform on stage. She credits her nose job for giving her the boost she needed to put herself out there and become a performer. As she recalls, after having the surgery, “the whole world changed” in a matter of months. When asked if she regretted having the work done, her answer was a definitive “hell no.”

Many people who are self-conscious about the size and/or shape of their noses find that rhinoplasty surgery gives them a much-needed confidence boost and helps them feel better about themselves. In Love’s case, that added confidence gave her the boost she needed to succeed as one of the most iconic female rockers of the grunge era.

Photo source: Kara E. Murphy/I Love It, SF