16. Alexa Ray Joel

Singer-songwriter Alexa Ray Joel is the daughter of legendary singer-songwriter Billy Joel and iconic model Christie Brinkley. She denied rumors that she had breast augmentation surgery and extensive work done on her face. She claimed the only plastic surgery she’s had was a rhinoplasty. Her famous mom backed her up, stating her daughter only had “a little tweak of her nose,” which she chose to be open about because she wanted others to feel comfortable about making the same decision for themselves.

However, many experts aren’t convinced the singer limited herself to a rhinoplasty. A top plastic surgeon suspects Joel had her eyelids lifted, fillers and implants in her cheeks, and fillers in her lips. Her cheekbones do appear higher and more chiseled; however, Joel claims she achieved this new look with the help of her makeup artist—not through plastic surgery. Joel acknowledged that there has been a dramatic, positive change in her appearance, but credited her stylist and makeup artist for her transformation.

Photo source: Alexa Ray Joel by Cameron tony