17. Bristol Palin

The one-time Dancing with the Stars contestant Bristol Palin underwent quite a transformation in 2011. She confessed to going under the knife, but claimed she only had corrective jaw surgery. In any event, Palin’s jawline looked remarkably transformed after the surgery, and there’s no denying the positive change in her appearance.

In addition to losing weight, the daughter of famous political figure Sarah Palin also achieved a sharper chin and a more angled jaw with the help of plastic surgery. She agreed the surgery changed her appearance for the better but emphasized that the procedure was necessary for medical reasons to realign her teeth and jaw.

Although she had the surgery for medical reasons, rather than aesthetic ones, she gushed that she was “absolutely thrilled” with the resulting change in her features. She said the surgery helped her look older and more mature, correcting what she referred to as her “chubby little baby face.”

Photo source: Bristol Palin by Gage Skidmore