18. Ariel Winter

Modern Family star Ariel Winter chose to have breast reduction surgery in 2016. The young actress felt uncomfortable with the unwanted attention she received due to her large, F-cup breasts.

Puberty is rough on everyone, and it was especially difficult for Winter, who found herself rapidly and dramatically maturing in the public eye. She was particularly dissatisfied that the media focused on her busty figure rather than her work as an actress. She made the salient point that women in Hollywood, and women in general, are already hypersexualized and treated as objects enough as it is.

The actress was tired of being recognized for her bosom, rather than her career. She was also bullied online about her shape, and she was constantly struggling to find clothes that fit her properly. She finally decided to have breast reduction surgery to improve her physical and mental wellbeing. After having the surgery, she says she feels more confident and happier than ever.

Photo source: Ariel Winter 20 by Christian Caron