4. Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco, the loveable Big Bang Theory star, admits she’s had breast enlargement surgery, a rhinoplasty, and fillers in her neck. She even stated that her boob job was the best thing she ever did. The actress said she had a line in her neck since she was about twelve years old that made her feel insecure growing up. She had a dermal filler injection in her neck to correct the issue. Cuoco has stated that, although it’s important to love your inner self, it’s also important to feel confident about your appearance. She doesn’t think you should alter your appearance to please a man or anyone else in your life; she wanted to look good for herself. In her view, anything that helps you feel more confident about yourself is a good thing. In addition to plastic surgery, Cuoco makes an effort to exercise and eat healthy, which helps her maintain her appearance.

Photo source: kaley_cuoco by yetc90