6. Lisa Kudrow

Friends star Lisa Kudrow had a rhinoplasty when she was just 16 years old, and she says that her surgery changed her life in a major way. She claims the procedure. The surgery gave her self-confidence a much-needed boost, and she felt significantly more comfortable with her appearance. She had the surgery over the summer before transferring to a new high school; for Kudrow, it was the opportunity to have a fresh, new start.

Although Kudrow is grateful she had a rhinoplasty as a teen, she’s steered clear of plastic surgery in the decades since then. She claims she hasn’t had any subsequent cosmetic surgery, Botox, or fillers. She’s skeptical about anti-aging cosmetic surgery, and worries it might make her look distorted, rather than younger. She doesn’t want to look unnatural or lose the ability to change facial expressions.

Her fears aren’t totally unfounded: Botox does make it more difficult to change facial expressions, and having too much work done can make people look somewhat artificial. Nonetheless, Kudrow’s positively life-changing rhinoplasty as a teen illustrates how plastic surgery can sometimes make a remarkable difference in someone’s life.

Photo source: untitled-100 by USC Annenberg