11. Jennifer Lopez

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has never done drugs and chooses not to drink alcohol. She says she strongly dislikes the taste of alcohol, so drinking it would be “a waste of money.” In addition to abstaining from alcohol, J-Lo also steers clear of cigarettes and caffeine.

Many people wonder how Lopez looks so incredible for her age. In case you didn’t know, she’s 48. Yes, really. She says her healthy lifestyle is the reason she’s been able to stay so fit and youthful. Exercising, getting plenty of sleep, wearing sunscreen, and eating a healthy diet are important components of Lopez’s daily regimen. It’s likely that her decision to abstain from drinking alcohol has played a role in her youthfulness and vitality, as well. Alcohol is known to make people age more quickly. Alcohol promotes dehydration, which leads to early wrinkles, and also depletes the body’s supply of vitamin A, which is essential for keeping our skin youthful and firm. Drinking alcohol also makes the skin red, puffy, dry, and full of unseemly broken blood vessels. Additionally, alcohol thins and weakens the hair, and can even lead to hair loss.

Photo source: dvsross