13. Samuel L. Jackson

Prolific actor Samuel L. Jackson lost his own father to alcoholism. He started using drugs in the late 1960s. He started drinking, smoking marijuana, and taking LSD during his college years, and the drinking and drug use continued. He would even drink and use drugs while rehearsing or performing. Jackson reached a breaking point in 1991 when his wife and then-eight-year-old daughter found him lying on the kitchen floor, drunk, with crack-cocaine and drug paraphernalia. He remembers looking up and seeing his wife and daughter looking down at him. Seeing the cocaine made his wife realize he had been doing more than just drinking and smoking marijuana. Right after this incident, Jackson checked himself into rehab to receive treatment for his substance abuse issues. He hasn’t relapsed since. Jackson says that, once he overcome his addiction, his acting career was really able to take off. Although he is often surrounded by temptation, and offered drugs and alcohol by people around him, but he stays strong and refuses to give in.

Photo source: Samuel L. Jackson by Pat Cuadros