16. Christina Ricci

Actress Christina Ricci became famous as a child and teen star in the 1990s. She admits that, as a teen in Hollywood, for awhile she fell in with the drug and alcohol scene. She drank and partied in her late teens and early twenties, which is something many people experiment with at that age. By her late 20s, though, Ricci decided the partying scene just wasn’t for her, and she chose to give up drugs and alcohol completely. She made the choice to be sober because she felt as though sobriety would have a positive impact on her life. She never hit rock bottom or faced any serious or tragic consequences because of substance abuse. Yet, she felt as though getting sober would have a positive impact on her life. The former Casper starlet has managed to stay sober and has also evolved into a serious and mature actress.

Photo source: bswise