5. Lana Del Rey

Singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey struggled with alcoholism from an early age. In her early teens, she drank heavily almost every day—often by herself. At first, she thought drinking was cool and exciting, but she soon realized it had a darker side. She became concerned and realized that she had a problem, as her drinking was overshadowing every other aspect of her life. When she was 14, her parents sent her away to boarding school in the hopes that she would get sober.

It didn’t work, and before long she was abusing other drugs in addition to alcohol. She ended up having to leave school and go to rehab. To her remarkable credit, she managed to get and stay sober. Since becoming sober as a teen, she’s managed to maintain her sobriety into adulthood, even amid the pressures of fame and success. She’s been honest about the fact that, even after all these years, staying sober isn’t easy. She’s admitted that, whenever her work is criticized, and she feels disrespected, she feels tempted to drink again. Yet, she’ managed to resist the urge to relapse and has been sober for more than a decade.

Photo source: Lana Del Rey 7 by Themeplus