6. Rob Lowe

The beginning of Rob Lowe’s Hollywood career was also the start of his battle with substance abuse. On the set of the classic 1983 film The Outsiders, the actors were always given beers on set, even though some of them were as young as fifteen. It was a culture and an environment where everyone would drink beer and think nothing of it.

Unfortunately, Lowe’s drinking at an early age quickly escalated into a serious problem. Before he even realized it, alcohol had started to consume his life. He realized he needed to get help. After a sex tape scandal in the late 1980s, Lowe entered rehab and managed to get sober. He recognizes that, for someone to overcome addiction, they need to truly want to change. He was able to achieve sobriety when he decided for himself that he wanted to change and establish a better life.

In 2015, Lowe received an award for being clean and sober for 25 years. Lowe says being in recovery from alcoholism has given him a loving family, a successful career, faith, courage, integrity, and gratitude. He is grateful for the lessons he’s learned through the journey of sobriety.

Photo source: Rob Lowe in the Challenger by dodge challenger1