8. Ben Affleck

Renowned actor Ben Affleck is sober after years of struggling with substance abuse issues. Affleck admits he comes from a long line of alcoholics. He struggled with alcoholism throughout the 1990s, eventually checking himself into rehab in 2001 and getting sober. Affleck did relapse in 2017, after years of staying sober. His ex-wife, actress Jennifer Garner, and his brother, Casey, gave him the support he needed to get back on track and helped find a rehab facility near him.

Since then, Affleck has been determined to maintain his sobriety. His main motivation for staying on the right path is that he wants to be able to be there for his children. His desire to be a good parent to his children motivated him to stay sober. He was fortunate to have the support and encouragement of Garner, the mother of his children, even after their divorce.

Photo source: Ben Affleck by Gage Skidmore