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20 Celebrities with Type 1 Diabetes

20. Elliot Yamin & Crystal Bowersox

Many may know both of these singers from American Idol. But, you may not know that they are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as well. Yamin was actually diagnosed with he was 16-years-old once his mother recognized his joint pain, frequent thirst, and fatigue. He was also rebellious once he was diagnosed. He was not taking his insulin regularly, and he did not want to believe he had diabetes. He believed his future to be grim, but he was able to get overcome his dreams and become a star. 

Bowersox actually had to leave Idol once she was experiencing diabetic ketoacidosis. She was diagnosed at the age of 6, and regularly spoke out for diabetes awareness. She advocates for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. 

Photo source: Little Kids Rock/IMDb