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Actress Marcia Gay Harden Says in Memoir, "Alzheimer's Took Away My Mother."

Alzheimer's did not just take away her mother. It also affected Harden's marriage and children.

In the memoir, Harden expresses how hard it was to discover that all the titles of her own life were disappearing. She lamented that she wasn't a good mother, wasn’t a good daughter, and was no longer a wife. She felt like she was impatient and taking her stress out on her kids.

Harden was married for 15 years, and her 19-year-old Eulala and 14-year-old twins Hudson and Julitta helped Harden write The Seasons of My Mother. This memoir turned into a form of therapy for all of them.

"Because I am an actor I couldn’t just write and understand what those words felt like on a page, I had to read them out loud and if they didn’t work reading them out loud I would go back and work it until they would,” Harden said. “I would grab my children and say, ‘Guys, would somebody sit down and listen to this?’ And the first question would always be, ‘How long will it take, Mom?’”

Photo source: Marcia Gay Harden by rforestano