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Actress Marcia Gay Harden Says in Memoir, "Alzheimer's Took Away My Mother."

Divorce, death and Alzheimer's were not part of her plan

As she wrote about her divorce and Alzheimer’s, Harden was challenged to deal with her new roles in life. She did not plan for a divorce, the death of her father, and her mother's Alzheimer’s. Now, Harden found that she was just a part of the 45 million people who are affected by Alzheimer’s, and the 50% who are divorced. Harden, like many people in her situation, felt like her individuality was challenged and that she was now a statistic.

For Harden, writing this book helped change her attitude and she is now grateful for the life she leads. She is happy being a single mom and has a good relationship with her ex-husband. In Harden’s words, “And what’s point of all the animosity? What an incredible waste of energy. There’s no point lamenting the past. You must try to stay present in the now – sure, it’s not always easy."

Photo source: MarciaGayHarden5573w by mediathinkrcd