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Alan Alda's Life Hasn't Stopped After Parkinson's Diagnosis

Alda wants other Parkinson's patients to know two things: Keep moving and never stop living

Alan Alda knows that his symptoms will progressively get worse, but he asks those who have Parkinson’s to remember that there are still things you can do.

First, Alda emphasizes that you need to keep moving. Move rhythmically. Science is coming up with new treatments for Parkinson’s, and research is ongoing. So, find out what's currently being studied!

Second, learn about your disease and realize that you never need to stop living. Find a way to work through the symptoms.

By reaching out to the public, Alda believes that he'll help make things a bit easier for him and others. He said that he will not worry about things like his "thumb [having] a life of its own" while he is trying to say something.

Photo source: DSC_6189 by alimartell