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Alan Alda's Life Hasn't Stopped After Parkinson's Diagnosis

The Alda Center works to improve the understanding around diseases and scientific research

The Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science gives health professionals and scientists a forum to discuss complex topics in such a way that empowers the public. The Center is designed to lead to improved understanding of diseases and scientific research by the media, patients, the public and elected officials.

The faculty at the Center are experts in technology, science, engineering, math, communications, medicine, journalism, communications, theater and public policy. Alda has brought these experts together to help others tap into connections that seem more alive as professionals talk about their passions.

Even with his Parkinson’s diagnosis, Alan Alda stays active and alert. In 2017, he founded the Alda Communication Training Company or ACT to emphasize innovations in combination at his training center.

The Alda Center focuses on and organizes programs that:

  • Develops intellectual property for ACT to use in other areas outside of its core responsibilities.
  • Designs programs and workshops for training in STEM and medical communication
  • Conducts research on science and medication communication
  • Uses all the assets of research universities and acts as an interface to provide engagement with the entire SUNY system
  • Provides support to help the Alda Center devote more sources to search and development
  • Uses a strong name recognition. ACT gives guardianship and guidelines for the use of the brands.
  • Interfaces with clients and trainers to produce contracts, legal requirements, and billing systems

Photo source: CCS opening event by sbusoj