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Arianna Huffington Is Changing Sleep One Snooze at a Time

Quality sleep is essential for job performance

In an article in the Journal of General Internal Medicine written by Kuppermann and his colleagues, they have correlated the way sleep deprivation affects the working population. The objective of their study was to measure the prevalence of problems related to sleep among the working population and the effects associated with it to physical health, quality of life, and mental health. With a cross-sectional survey administered through voicemail and a phone interview among 588 employees of a San Francisco Bay Area telecommunications firm, the study has concluded that sleep deprivation is prevalent among the respondents and majority posed poorer health conditions and quality of life.

Based on these studies, there is a strong correlation between sleep deprivation and decreased job performance. This worsening job performance is manifested in signs such as low cognitive perception, low energy at work, poor decision-making skills, poor analytical skills, absenteeism, low job satisfaction, and increasing medical expenditures.