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Comedian & Black-ish Star Anthony Anderson Says Diabetes is No Joke

Comedian & Black-ish Star Anthony Anderson Says Diabetes is No Joke

Diabetes is one of the most common causes of death in the US. In fact, diabetes was reported to be the 7th leading cause of death among Americans in the year 2015 with over 200,000 reported deaths due to the disease. While diabetes is one of the biggest health concerns all over the world, it doesn’t mean that diabetes can’t be managed. The condition can be kept at bay as long as a patient will change their lifestyle into a healthier one. Anthony Anderson, Black-ish star, is a great example of someone who has had to turn their life around because of their diabetes diagnosis.

Most may know Anderson for his role in Black-ish, but he also had a role in Kangaroo Jack, Scream 4, Transformers, All About the Andersons, and K-Ville. Anderson has definitely made a name for himself in the film and sitcom world, but many of his fans are not aware of his struggle with diabetes.

The comedian knew about diabetes before he was diagnosed. He was active throughout his life and watched his father struggle with the condition himself. When he was diagnosed with diabetes in college, it still came as a shock for him. However, he turned his diagnosis into a story of inspiration for diabetic patients worldwide.

Anthony Anderson diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

Anderson was pretty lucky not to have experienced the complications before discovering his diabetes. However, his physician did warn him that he may suffer more serious conditions if he didn’t reverse his lifestyle, pronto.

The first time Anderson learned of his diabetes was during college when he started living on his own. During that time, he gained extra pounds because he didn’t exercise as much as he did in high school, plus he didn’t put much importance into his diet. Of course, he was also drinking alcohol and beer at the college parties.

In addition, he also overworked himself. He didn't get enough sleep and put a lot of stress on himself at the time. Eventually, he started noticing his lethergy even after a full 8 hours sleep. He also found himself thirsty a lot and always had the urge to go to the bathroom. He went to the doctor and was formally diagnosed with diabetes after a series of tests and checkups.

Photo Source: WorldMedia LA, All-Star Golf Classic 2011 by WorldMedia LA Los Angeles, CA