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Comedian & Black-ish Star Anthony Anderson Says Diabetes is No Joke

After his diabetes diagnosis, Anderson immediately thought about his family

Anderson shared that his dad also suffered from type 2 diabetes many years ago but didn’t seek any form of medical treatment. Because of that, his dad had a very slow and painful death. When he was diagnosed with diabetes, he didn’t take it that seriously until the memory of his father came to mind. In fact, Anderson stated, “I didn’t want to just be a memory for my family, I wanted to be there. So, I vowed right then and there that things would be different, that I would get serious about managing my diabetes.”

The thought of losing himself to diabetes without ever seeing his family again scared him. Recalling the memory of his dad became his own wake-up call that he shouldn’t lose the battle to diabetes. So, he changed his entire lifestyle. He was even more inspired to change his overall lifestyle when his mother was also diagnosed with type 2 diagnosis. He wanted to be both an inspiration and an example to his mother that anyone can make a big lifestyle change if they put their mind and heart to it.

Photo source: Anthony Anderson by Susan Burton