Louis C.K.

Comedian Louis C.K. has lived with depression for decades. Known for his dark, self-deprecating humor, perhaps it’s not surprising he tends to have a bleak outlook on life.

In 2017, the formerly successful comic made headlines for sexual misconduct. Understandably, his career and public reputation plummeted.

Before the scandal broke, Louis C.K. was one of the most successful living comics. The Emmy Award-winner was lauded for his stand-up specials and his work on The Chris Rock Show and Louie, a situational comedy based loosely on his own life.

He won two Grammys for Best Comedy Album, and Rolling Stone named him one of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time. His deadpan, observational comedy routines explore the awkwardness of interpersonal relationships and the trials and tribulations of ordinary, daily life.

Photo source: Louis C.K. - Louis Szekely/Peter Huchkins