Owen Wilson

Loveable comedic actor Owen Wilson comes across as a laidback, easygoing person. That may be true, but Wilson also suffers from severe depression and has even attempted suicide.

Owen’s brother, actor Luke Wilson, discovered Owen in a terrifying state: he was confused and covered in blood after simultaneously taking an overdose of pills and slitting his wrists in an effort to take his own life.

Fortunately, Luke found Owen and intervened before it was too late. He dialed 911 and Owen was rushed to the hospital for emergency medical treatment.

Wilson’s family, friends, and fans were shocked by his suicide attempt. Some people even doubted whether the news was true.

Yet, Owen openly admitted he had, in fact, endeavored to end his life. He released a statement explaining he had been severely depressed in the months leading up to the horrific ordeal.

As Wilson’s story demonstrates, even the most talented, successful, and likeable people are not immune to mental illness. Even the most easygoing person can find himself vulnerable to depression.

Photo source: Owen Wilson by Claire .