Woody Allen

Comedic filmmaker Woody Allen’s prolific career has left an indelible mark on Hollywood. The comic genius has lived with depression for virtually his entire life. He believes he was born with a depressive disposition and, in some ways, being depressed is part of his identity.

Allen recalls becoming depressed at the early age of five; he remembers feeling a dark cloud descend over him and says that the dark cloud has followed him throughout his life. He says that, as a child, he faced an existential crisis and began pondering his own mortality. Ever since then, feelings of existential dread have been an integral component of Allen’s life.

For Allen, his career as a filmmaker has served as a distraction to keep him from brooding. There tends to be a major link between rumination and depression; for people with depression, rumination can be incredibly self-destructive. Allen says his work keeps him occupied and prevents him from getting too caught up in negative thoughts.

Photo source: Woody Allen by Colin Swan