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Did Feminist Icon and Artist Frida Kahlo Suffer from Fibromyalgia?

What patients can learn from Frida Kahlo: Have a community and be passionate

Whether Kahlo suffered from fibromyalgia is true or not, patients can still learn a lot from her work as an artist, especially when it comes to coping with chronic pain.

  • Have a community to support you: When coping with a chronic disorder like fibromyalgia, it's easy to feel isolated and alone. It's no secret that Kahlo felt loneliness, but she still built a strong community of support through close friends and family.
  • Always be passionate: Chronic pain can easily take over your life by making it difficult to be interested in your activities. Kahlo overcame this, however, through her art. Frida Kahlo used her passion as a tool to help her throughout her day.  

Photo source: Frida Kahlo, "Without Hope"