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Former Head of PBS and NBC News Dies at 86 from Parkinson's and Throat Cancer

Harsh disagreements led to him being replaced

There were awkward and controversial encounters between Mr. Welch and Mr. Grossman. Once, Mr. Grossman pushed for a 4% budget increase for the news division instead of the 5% cut he had been instructed to make.

Mr. Welch angrily told Mr. Grossman to make the budget cut, and Lawrence Grossman stayed for nearly two more years to supervise layoffs and budget cuts.

In 1988 he was replaced by Michael Gartner. Mr. Brokaw was excited about the replacement of Grossman by Garner and wrote that NBC News had needed “an aggressive seasoned hand” with experience in journalism and production to “go against Roone Arledge, the president of ABC News, and the CBS veteran team.”

Photo source: Washington Post