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Former Head of PBS and NBC News Dies at 86 from Parkinson's and Throat Cancer

However, once new ownership took over NBC, his career changed

Then, disaster struck. In 1986, G.E. acquired RCA, the parent company of NBC. Grossman was no longer the golden boy, and his new bosses, Jack Welch, G.E. Chairman and Robert C. Wright, President of NBC, did not agree with Grossman’s ideas for the news shows. Tom Brokaw, the main newscaster of NBC Nightly News, did not agree with Grossman's plans and ideas either.

Lawrence Grossman felt that new corporate ownership of the news divisions increased the stress on NBC to make a profit, rather than inventively report the news.

“It was quickly apparent that the costliest thing in putting on nightly news programs is covering the hard news,” he said in 2001 in an interview with Harry Kreisler of the Institute of International Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

Photo source: C-Span