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Golfer Morgan Hoffman Won't Let Muscular Dystrophy Diagnosis Define Him

Right now, his form of muscular dystrophy is affecting his pectoral muscles

With Hoffman’s case, the disease seems to be progressing through his pectoral muscles. The stress of living with the disease is less about the physical progression but rather about the unknown. He doesn’t know when he will no longer be able to walk across the green, grip the club, or give up golfing.

Despite the fact that it took almost 5 years for Hoffman to get an accurate diagnosis, Hoffman remains optimistic that a cure will be found.  In fact, he has made it his mission to help find the right pieces to the muscular dystrophy puzzle and be a part of the change.  He also wants to be able to help children who have been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy lead a normal life.

Source: Youtube